Current Books

Cast Iron Cooking: The Dutch Oven

This is my first ever cookbook dedicated to Cast Iron Cooking, written to pair perfectly with my Zakarian Non-Stick Cast Iron Dutch Oven. This pan delivers a great punch, just like traditional cast iron, but even with the most delicate or stickiest ingredients, the clean up is a cinch, I promise. In this book, you will find my favorite recipes for Dutch oven cooking, utilizing both the base as a traditional Dutch oven and the lid as a skillet pan. Wanting to give you recipes that deliver maximum flavor, I did not hold back. You have access to great cooking techniques and some of my secrets that will deliver big time when the food hits the table.

My Perfect Pantry

Every great meal starts with a trip to the pantry for inspiration. In his most recent cookbook, My Perfect Pantry: 150 Easy Recipes from 50 Essential Ingredients (Clarkson Potter; On Sale: October 7, 2014), Geoffrey shows you how to use your pantry to jump-start any meal so that when you bring home your fresh produce and proteins, you will have 150 recipes at the ready. Complete with full-color food shots of every single recipe, My Perfect Pantry allows your everyday staples to lead, rather than just support, the creation of extraordinary meals. Geoffrey gives you the shopping list you need, as well as the road map for making the most of what you have on hand.

Town | Country

Featuring stunning full-color photographs and an approach that is at once familiar and fantastic, comfortable and creative, Geoffrey Zakarian's Town|Country presents the perfect combination for amateur to ambitious American cooks. In his d├ębut work as an author, Geoffrey offers two sublime recipes for each of his sixty-five favorite ingredients, helping you to produce a Country recipe for a quick weeknight meal or Sunday supper or to create a night on the Town for an elegant Saturday-night dinner party.